Pricing: Free*

Let's cut to the chase. Feel free to use Shadowbox Tools as a free reverse engineering website to help you create and manufacture your own CNC inserts. Upload your photos, and download the .svg CAD files, and make it on your end.

We only ask for a few small things in return, it's based on the type of visitor you are.


You are shadowing your toolbox for personal at-home use

  • Provide your email so we can reach back to you
  • If possible, post on social media and tag us
  • Email us before/after photos; we love seeing the result


You are shadowing tools for work/industrial purposes

  • Provide your email so we can reach back to you
  • Email us the context of the job/use case eg. 20 toolboxes for new facility
  • Let us know if you're manufacturing this in-house or outsourcing

We'd like to make the reservation that in the future Shadowbox Tools and the service it provides may change and become non-free. But until then enjoy the website!